Book: Relax, Bell

A year of abstinence and consciously relaxing her life abruptly ends for Belinda Walker with a quiet night at the pub. Sparks fly as her eyes connect with a dark stranger across the room. The magnetism is undeniable. Something about him draws her in and sends tingles through her body. Could he be the one to fully satisfy her, a feat no other man has ever managed?
Adam Laurent and Joel Harper are ready to find someone to make two into three. When Adam meets Belinda, the attraction is instant. Now all he has to do is introduce her to Joel and convince her that two men are better than one. Will Belinda accept Adam and Joel together and finally find what she’s been seeking for years?
A nasty incident prematurely ends the night at the pub and starts a string of threatening texts that have everyone worried. When the man with her mobile number turns up on her doorstep, Belinda fears for her life. Escape seems impossible, but can Adam and Joel rescue the woman who has already captured their hearts?
****Professional Reviews*****

Two Lips Reviews

Rating: 4.5 Kisses
This was my first time reading author Lou Lou Winters and I thoroughly enjoyed her story Relax, Bell.

Ms. Winters allowed her readers to see the intimacy between the men as well and their determination to provide Bell with what she needs to let go.

This story was well written and enjoyable. This will not be the last time I pick up a tale by this author.

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