Book: Tying Trina (sequal to Relax, Bell)

cover tying trina

Available now at Bookstrand.

Trina Russo’s boyfriend Rob Anderson has hinted about bondage and tying her up. Trina avoids the subject until Rob brings it up directly. She is scared of the idea and as much as she loves Rob, she’s not sure that those sorts of games are to her liking.

Bondage is a deal breaker for Rob. He’s been practising and playing for many, many years and couldn’t imagine life without it. He loves Trina more than any woman he’s ever met but feels her hesitation and knows he’ll have to go slow. Bringing it up with her will be the first of many challenges he’ll face introducing her to his lifestyle.

Bravely Trina gives it a go and even gains enough courage to try and tie herself up for Rob but an unforeseen outcome shakes her confidence considerably and leaves her doubting. Will Rob be able to convince her to try again?

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