Book: Our Bon

llw-ourbon3Available at Bookstrand now.

The synopsis is unedited.

Desperate to save her family heartache and grief, Bonita Marshall wracks her brain looking for a solution to her predicament. She is reluctant to expose her family to the manipulative, nasty side of her so called ‘boyfriend’, Enrique Rodriguez. Bonita pays the blackmail money demanded of her and in exchange, Enrique won’t release the footage of her mother he recorded at a family gathering.

Bonita has secretly fantasised about her gorgeous neighbours, Ash Jayara and Caleb Williams for months. When the boys suspect foul play against Bonita, they investigate on their own. They follow Enrique after hearing a suspicious phone call and learn enough information to feel outraged for Bonita. They fall afoul of Enrique and suffer the consequences of his increasingly unstable mind.

Ash and Caleb have been interested in Bonita for a while and regret not approaching her before she met Enrique. Once they understand that her relationship with Enrique is a farce, will they be able to convince Bonita that they are serious in wanting a relationship with her?   Finally making a decision about her future, Bonita thinks she has everything just about sorted out when Enrique demands a one off payment and takes her to the bank at gun point. He is becoming desperate and wants as much money as he can get. Will the police arrive in time? Will Ash and Caleb be able to intervene and save Bonita?

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