Book: Saving Stella (Sequel to Relax, Bell and Tying Trina)

savingstella3Release Date 25th July, 2013.

The synopsis below is unedited.

Stella Matthews escapes her abusive husband and runs to her friend Trina for a new life. Hopefully it will be like the ones she’s read about in books where the men are honourable and kind.

Sparks fly when she meets Hunter Radcliffe and Ben Granger on a night out. These two men represent fun and happiness to Stella, things she’s lived without for a long time.

Ben and Hunter are looking for the right woman to join their life. It’s been hard to find the right person and when they meet Stella, they suspect that they’ve finally found her.

When Stella’s ex-husband comes looking for her, he manages to kidnap her. Hunter and Ben are in a race against time to get Stella back before he hurts her.

Has Stella finally met her Prince Charmings and will they be able to save her?

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